It used to be software is eating the world. This was heard in almost all public events in most industries. Such was the power of software and the change it ushered in to this world.

Little did the executive at IBM knew this when they let a little known tiny company and its founder Bill Gates to license their software from the new personal computer IBM was building. For IBM, claimed these executives its was sweet deal. We don't need to buy their source it isn't useful. Fast forward some 30 years there is Microsoft which briefly became the most valuable company and Bill Gates the richest man in this world for several years now.

Of course we can't ignore the new kid in the block Amazon who also had a very similar start like Gates, for several years investors questioned why and how Amazon would become profitable one day ? Now we know how software and emerging technologies created the eCommerce behemoth Amazon which is all the magic of software. Software eats the world. Yes it does.